“Fountain After Drought” Press Release

Zeo Music Studio’s producer Imua Garza has branched off into new territory, combining soothing island music with Pop Soft Rock artist Kolomona Ku on the brand new album “Fountain After Drought”. The 10-track project written, arranged and sung by Kolomona Ku is now available via iTunes, Spotify, Pandora, Amazon MP3, Google Play and various other digital retailers.

The ambient guitar work of Imua Garza uniquely blends with Kolomona Ku’s saxophone and piano lead melodies, creating a warm and trancelike atmosphere for listeners.

“I’m extremely grateful to have teamed up with Imua Garza for this project,” says Kolomona. “His friendship, talent and mentoring over the years has pushed me to strive for a personal best in production and musicianship.”

Imua and Kolomona have collaborated on various music projects, including studio work and international tours with Na Hoku Hanohano award winning reggae band Kolohe Kai. The duo team also co-produced the Christian Rock EP “Boundless” for Honolulu based church Impact Fellowship that was released in the Winter of 2016.

“I’ve learned over the years that the people you affiliate yourself with most and the books you read have huge implications in shaping the man you become,” states Kolomona. “When you hang with Imua, you see a blessed man with God-given talent who loves his family and lives to serve others. This is the heart of the Fountain After Drought album. My hope is that listeners who hear these songs would be reminded of the true joy in life that roots from family, friends, and faith.”

“Fountain After Drought” was mixed by Imua Garza at Zeo Music Studio and mastered at David Castell Mastering.

From the beautiful town of Kaneohe, Hawaii, Island Soft Rock artist Kolomona Ku is rippling his positive music across the Pacific. Many have described him as the John Mayer of island music backed by the musicality of Elton John and Bruce Hornsby. Inspired by Alternative and Reggae influences, Kolomona Ku creates a new sound that is charming and refreshing. His debut single “Sunrise Smile” was released in Spring 2016 and topped radio charts throughout the Hawaiian Islands and Guam. The fun and lively tune sings of the absolute joy in being with someone with whom you share the same values. “Fountain After Drought” is the first album release by Kolomona Ku.